Branch is your place to be together, and that means making new friends. We felt so strongly about friends that after our last friends update in July, we decided to introduce another one!

Our focus with this update is to make it easier for you to make friends on Branch, locate and interact with them, and to keep you safer on Branch.

Changes to Friends

Introduction of Friend Codes

You can now add your friends on branch, without being in the same room. Just send them your friend code so they can send you a friend request! You can find your friend code on the Friends Page.

Ability to see what branches your friends are playing on

If you ever wondered where your friends where in the marbleverse, now you can find out! When you go to discover, you will see at the top of the page which branches your friends are playing on, and you can quickly join them!

Introduction of a Friends button in-game

Next to the 'Invite People' button we have an easier access point by which you can reach out to your friends!

Follow your friends, or teleport to them!

It is now easier than ever to form a conga line. Or if you prefer, you can just click to Teleport to them.

Introducing Teleport Pads

You asked for more tools to build better experiences. Now, you can build teleporters in your Branch. Use a teleporter to transport yourself around the map, we're excited to see what sort of uses you'll find for this as we can imagine all sorts of games and functions that will come out of it.

Updates to Privacy & Safety

At Branch, we want to be a safe and welcoming place for you to make friends. However, with this comes great responsibility on our part to not only keep you safe but also give you the tools you need to protect yourself and others. This is why we've introduced a number of privacy and safety features to Branch with this update.

Muting Other Players

With this update, we are adding the ability to mute other people. This feature is designed to accommodate those who want to block out irrelevant or distracting conversations. Now you can talk with friends or just hang out and vibe while listening to your favorite playlist in peace.


A lot of fellow Branchers have had to run into a quiet corner or back to their home Branch in order to escape the madness of the moment for some peace and quiet, now all you have to do is deafen yourself, preventing other users' from screaming at you all day long.

Blocking Users

Let's be honest: in every online community, there are people who make it their goal to harass you and making you feel uncomfortable. We are now introducing the ability for you to block people on Branch that you do not want to interact with. Blocked users are unable to interact with you in any way - they cannot send you friend requests, send you direct messages, send you acorns, and you cannot hear them, see their chat messages, see their shared screen, or see their shared camera.

Safety is an ongoing concern for everyone here at Branch, and we want everyone to feel like they have a place. If someone is bothering you, you have the option to mute them simply by clicking their marble and pressing mute. Or, you can take it a step further and block them all together.

Reporting Branches

If you visit someone's Branch that breaks rules/ToS/standards, you can report it by right clicking on the active branch icon in the sidebar and pressing "Report".

Leaving a Branch

If you want to keep your sidebar clean, Branch has finally added the ability to leave servers with ease. Just right click on a server and you can have it removed from your server list.

Renaming a Branch

We all change our mind from time to time. Now if you change your mind about what your branch is, you can finally rename your branch to something more fitting.

World Building Updates

Lastly, we made a few fixes to world building.

  • Doors will now remove the walls they are placed on automatically.
  • You can now remove doors without the need to be in builder mode.
  • The bulldozer can now bulldoze labels and doors.
  • The bulldozer now has all options selected by default.
  • Added a faint grid to the builder mode.

We will continue to make improvements to the builder.

275 New Cosmetics

There's a plethora of new hairstyles, outfits, accessories, and so much more for you to bring out your best self!

That's all for this week, see you next Friday with more!

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