Hey Branchers,

I'm here to give you a little update on what we have been working on lately and what we have added onto our changelog this week:

+ Added new playtime rewards based on player count
Now is a better time than ever to get your friends together on Branch. With our new playtime reward system you will gain bonus acorns for having more people hanging out with you.

Set up a party with your friends so that you can get yourself that much needed Frog Hat with acorns you're earning even faster than you were before!

+ Added the ability to throw held items
Sometimes you just want to throw your food dramatically across a room and now you can do just that! Right click an object to pick something up, press your space bar while holding an item and aim in a direction of your choosing to send it flying!

+ Added new profile popup
An extended and prettier GUI means you can interact even more easily with your fellow branchers, complete with your fashion-forward marble displayed alongside it.

+ Added in-game notifications
You now have little pop-ups on the top left that keep you up to date with levelling up, friend requests, messages you receive and earned acorns.

+ Improved mobile support
To build the identity of branch as an application for everyone, we've started to make adjustments to further support the use of the platform on mobile devices.

+ Improved update handling on Desktop App

* Fixed cosmetics not displaying properly
A couple of adjustments to make sure that you are well-dressed!

*Fixed various other bugs