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Best Friends Update

Branch is your place to be together, and that means making new friends. We felt so strongly about friends that after our last friends update in July, we decided to introduce another one! Our focus with this update is to make it easier for you to make friends on Branch,

The Golden Update

Hey Branchers,We've got another changelog ready for you with a ton of exciting content to review, make sure to check it all out!+  Added 150 new cosmetics to the marketplace If you weren't already kitted out enough, we have a whole range of new cosmetics for you to enjoy!

The Rewards Update

Hey Branchers, I'm here to give you a little update on what we have been working on lately and what we have added onto our changelog this week:+ Added new playtime rewards based on player count Now is a better time than ever to get your friends together on Branch.

The Cosmetics Update

Howdy branchers! This week we're excited to finally unveil the long awaited cosmetics update!! There's a lot to unpack in this update, so let's get started! Introducing CosmeticsWe hope you've been saving up your acorns, because now you can use them to purchase a wide assortment of wardrobe pieces to

Infected - Out Now!

Why would anyone willingly venture into a world full of zombies? For the acorns? The glory? Or maybe you just enjoy being chased by grueling marbles. Whatever the case, you will find yourself and upto 36 others in the middle of the old town Saint Milo. Where one of you

The Friends Update

There are so many changes to branch this week! Take me to the new branch >> A new interfaceThe sidebar has given way for the game to have more real estate. Now, all of your important controls are located in one central uniform cluster. There's so much room for

Branching Out

We started branch over a year ago with a simple goal: to save remote work from the monotony of fatiguing zoom calls. When approaching the problem, I thought about where I spent most of my time as a teenager. Obviously, it was playing games online with my best friends. Many
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