Howdy branchers! This week we're excited to finally unveil the long awaited cosmetics update!! There's a lot to unpack in this update, so let's get started!

Introducing Cosmetics

We hope you've been saving up your acorns, because now you can use them to purchase a wide assortment of wardrobe pieces to express yourself!!

Visit the marketplace to browse all of the available items where you can try them on or buy them! We will be frequently updating the marketplace with new content every week!

Visit the Marketplace in the home screen to start shopping!

The first button on your profile, will open your wardrobe, where you can customize yourself very quickly. All items stack on top of eachother, so there's no limit to how many accessories you can equip!

You can also inspect the wardrobe of another player and click on the accessories they have equipped to purchase them quickly!

Your new customized self will appear across the branch platform! You can carry your inventory across branches, and you'll always be seen as your trueself, like my friends here for instance, on the friends page!

Moderation Tools

You can finally ban, kick, and mute players in your branch. Using roles and permissions, you can also assign moderators to have these powers and keep your branches clean and safe.

Just click a player in game, and if you have permission, you'll see the buttons to ban, kick, or mute a player.

  • Banning removes someone permanently.
  • Kicking removes someone temporarily.
  • Muting silences the player from speaking or chatting until unmuted.

You can also moderate offline players by visiting the newly revised People page!


Introducing Discovery! A new place to explore public branches across the platform. These branches are created by other branchers, who want to invite you into their communities.

If you have created a branch that you want to show off to the public, or would like a little more foot traffic, you can list it for Discovery by enabling the option in your branch settings. Here you can set a picture, category, and description.

In order to be eligible for discovery, your branch needs to have at least 20 members. Once you reach 20 members, you will have the option to list your branch publicly on the Discovery page!

And lots of other changes...

You can find the full list below! Thank you so much for all of your feedback and ideas! We will continue to work hard on all of your suggestions and bug reports and we'll see you next week!

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The full list of changes

  • Added cosmetics
  • Added moderation tools
  • Added discovery
  • Added automatic seat clipping if you stand on a seat for more than 1 second.
  • Added new people page
  • Added permissions for voice, video and screensharing
  • Fixed desktop issues
  • Fixed match making for zombie games