There are so many changes to branch this week!

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A new interface

The sidebar has given way for the game to have more real estate. Now, all of your important controls are located in one central uniform cluster.

There's so much room for activities!

Let's be friends?

We've added a full-fledged friend system, so you can keep in touch with the people you meet across the branch universe.

You can access your friends list and incoming requests by clicking the branch icon at the top of your sidebar.

Look at all my friends 😭

Introducing DMs

You can now send people messages directly! Now you can engage directly with friends you make on the platform.

Thanks for the kind words Lex ❤️
You can also send images and attachments! 😎

Click to interact with people

Just click somebody to see their profile! Here you can visit their home, set their role, send them a friend request, send them acorns, or send them a message! Or... set their volume to zero if they are being annoying. 😬

Clicky clicky

Public Spaces

There's a new way to meet people! Click the branch icon and visit the discover tab to explore public spaces.

Right now, you can meet people at the Burger Shack or the Night Club. We'll be adding more and more crafted experiences where you can go to make new friends!

These are both really fun BTW

The Tab list

If you want to see who is online, just press the TAB key.

Some of you might find this familiar. ⛏😉

New Building Assets

There are a lot of new assets in this update for you to build with!

New brickwork, coarse carpets, outdoor lighting, fun disco and arcade floors, of course arcade machines to match (yes they will function soon!), a bunch of new musical instruments, a fog machine, a laser projector, 4 calmwood chairs, picnic tables, and pool floaties!! ⛱

And lots of other changes...

You can find the full list below! Thank you so much for all of your feedback and ideas! We will continue to work hard on all of your suggestions and bug reports and we'll see you next week!

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The full list of changes

  • Added friends
  • Added direct messages
  • Added public branches
  • Added tab list
  • Added ability to click a marble to view their profile
  • Added privacy option for branches to be friends only or public
  • Improved error handling
  • Improved the branch switcher scroll bar
  • Improved map rendering performance
  • Improved RTC reliability
  • Fixed brb mode not displaying in the sidebar
  • Fixed the wrong name being displayed sometimes while chatting
  • Fixed a bug with new users joining with no roles
  • Various bugs with builder mode

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