Hey Branchers,

We've got another changelog ready for you with a ton of exciting content to review, make sure to check it all out!

+  Added 150 new cosmetics to the marketplace

If you weren't already kitted out enough, we have a whole range of new cosmetics for you to enjoy! From a Bee Costume to a Blonde Moustache, try them on for size!

+ Added treasure chests

Feeling lucky? The introduction of treasure chests to branch brings some exclusive items to the table. That Chef Hat that you were after to release your inner Gordon Ramsay now comes in an immaculate and shiny golden hue!

Having purchased your chests just drop them down anywhere on the map to spin.

+ Added the ability to purchase golden acorns

With a new update on the table we are introducing a whole new currency to branch in the form of Golden Acorns! Click on the + icon next to our newly minted coin and you can purchase as many of these as you need to get yourself those exclusive golden cosmetic items that you've been keeping your eyes on.

+ Added the ability to convert golden acorns to acorns

For all of you who are struggling to make up that last push for those beloved butterfly wings, you can now use this golden acorns to set yourself up - just click on the + sign located by your acorn balance and you can convert your golden acorns into acorns at the click of a button!

+ Added the ability to click on a user in chat to open their profile

Just making your lives a little bit easier with this one, so that you don't have to be playing cat and mouse around your local branch!

+ Added the ability to try on cosmetics in the marketplace

Have you been eager to see what wings would look like as a finishing touch to your wardrobe? You are now able to try on all of the cosmetics available in the Marketplace, make good use of the preview and boost that branch high-fashion!

+ Added the ability to report players

We have added the ability for you to let us know if another player is causing trouble across branch so that we are able to quickly handle the situation ourselves!

+ Added a chat and display name filter

We have put together some additional safety features to make your time with us on Branch even better, cleaning up chat and making sure people aren't running around with anything too wild above their heads!

+ Revamped the game UI layout

We have rearranged the layout of branch's features to ensure an even better experience across the board, should be even easier to navigate now!

+ Improved in-game notifications

+ Improved mobile support

+ Improved the discovery page and added partnered branches

+ Improved client performance

*Fixed an issue with doors unable to be closed

*Fixed an issue with chat message previews not fading away

*Fixed an issue with updating your display name not reflecting in chat

*Fixed various bugs